Selasa, 12 Februari 2013


Title :
global warming must be prevented
Thesis :
My opinion is that global warming is very dangerous for all creatures of the earth and should be addressed by reducing the measures may increase global warming.
Arguments : 
1.Efek most obvious of global warming to date is climate change. Global warming has increased the world wide droughts, heat waves and tropical storms because of the heat. 2.Efek at Glacier
Temperature increases associated with global warming have a severe impact on glaciers and melting glaciers. In the long run this will lead to an irreversible rise in sea levels and flooding later time. one of the main side effect of melting glaciers in the environment is increased occurrence of volcanic eruptions.
3.Efek at Ocean Water Biochemistry
Biochemistry of water in the sea is very important to the survival of marine species. Prolonged survival of marine species are also very important for human survival prolonged because we depend on marine species to regulate ocean chemistry. Without sea marine species would be poisonous desert that will produce toxins from the air in the atmosphere. Carbon produced from the fuel reacts with seawater to form carbonic acid which threatens long-term survival of all marine life and create a real future possibility. 
4. Although not proven, there has been an increase in the occurrence of earthquakes and seismic activity in the last 5 years with the advent of the world wide temperatures.

From the fact above we can conclude that we should better maintain and loving environment by maintaining and melestarikanya not spoil and take advantage without thinking of the masses ahead- 

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